What is a personal stylist and what can a stylist do for you? A stylist will equip you with the skills to simplify dressing in what flatters you most and provide tips for shopping and styling to help you look and feel better and is more affordable than you may think. A stylist will make you look flawlessly put together at all times.

Stylists help you create the image you want to promote.

People will formulate an opinion of you before you even open your mouth, based only on your appearance. You’ll learn what to wear and what not to wear to make sure your wardrobe aligns with your unique personal brand.

You will never have to stand in front of you closet and think “I have nothing to wear.”

We’ve all been there, standing in front of a closet full of clothes but with nothing to wear. A stylist will coordinate your existing clothing collection and create a collection with looks that can be worn together to simplify your day to day as well as special occasion dressing. Stylists will assist with getting rid of the outdated clothing or those pieces that are not flattering or aligned with your brand. A stylist will also provide a list of items to fill in any holes in your closet. The result is a “get-dressed” ready closet.

You will have a curated closet suited to your body and individual style that fits you perfectly.

A stylist will create a look that’s for YOU with style that makes you feel comfortable. Your stylist will know your body and provide trusted advice and suggestions that you will not receive from anyone else. You will learn tips for shopping and styling to help you look better, feel better, and shop better including outfit pairings tailored to YOU.

You will never have another fashion emergency.

Did you spill coffee on your dress before you left home for that big presentation? Were you invited to a gala last minute? A stylist is always ready to take care of your next fashion emergency. A stylist knows your body, style, brand, and shopping preferences and will be able to bring you what you need, saving you precious time! 

A stylist will save you time and money!

Contrary to what most people believe, stylists are not only for the rich and famous. Many busy professionals hire stylists to help craft their image, or to simply save time. Also, stylists are more affordable than you may think and are often willing to negotiate rates. A stylist will save you time and money by taking the guess work out of shopping as well as staying abreast of sales and deals. Stylists have relationships with stores and designers and will keep you in the loop on the latest trends while being the first to know about discounts, sales and deals.

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